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Florian has more than seven years of experience in the tourism industry, having worked in Durrës as a tour guide and consultant. He led travelers through Albania, Bosnia-Herzegovina, Macedonia, Slovenia and Kosovo.

Excursions can be customized and prices vary. Discounts are available for multi-night reservations. Below are some of the attractions in and around Shkoder that have been popular with our guests in the past.

We are also able to help you make arrangements for onward travel to popular destinations in the region. The prices that you will pay are the same that Albanian locals pay.

Please contact Florian to discuss details and prices.


Touring the Mesi Bridge with guests from Australia and Canada.

Points of Interest In Shkodër:

Mesi Bridge – Built in the 18th century by Kara Mahmud Bushati, the local Ottoman pasha. This bridge is often referred to as a ‘Lord of the Rings Bridge.’ It is one of the longest Ottoman bridges in the area, and spans the Kir River.

Communist Jail – During the Communist times, most of the prisoners in this jail were Catholic priests/clergy, Muslim imams, and other political prisoners.

Rozafa Castle  – Set on a rocky hill approximately 130 meters above sea level, this imposing fortress has beautiful views of Shkodër and its surrounding areas. It was built by the Illyrians and is more than 1,000 years old.

Lake Buna / Gypsy Settlement – Lake Buna is the largest lake in the Balkans.

Artisans – See traditional handmade Albanian handicrafts (Albanian flags, etc.).

Restaurants with Traditional Albanian Cuisine – Shkodër has many restaurants that offer traditional meals (either seafood or mountain food). Florian is happy to give you recommendations. Our homestay fee includes breakfast, however, meal plans are available for traditional lunch and dinner on site.


Points of Interest In the Vicinity of Shkodër:

Camping in the Theth Mountains (approximately three hours’ drive from Shkodër).

Koman Lake (approximately one hour’s drive from Shkodër)


Guests from the University of Helsinki. This group participated in our signature tour of Shkodër.


Donkey in the Albanian countryside.

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The Mesi Bridge – Skoder.

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