Fresh-water, Rivers and Adriatic Sea Fishing Tours @ features One Day Fishing Tours
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North Albania features pristine rivers and lakes where our expert fishing guides will introduce you to a unique and unforgettable Albanian wilderness experience! also  contracts with fishing guides in Montenegro for a one-day fishing tour in the North Adriatic Sea, featuring sea bass, mackerel, monkfish. offers South Albanian fishing tours in the Adriatic Sea near Sarandë.
  • Transfers (round trip)
  • Tackle
  • Bait
  • Coolers
  • Fishing rods
  • Fishing permits
  • Lunch
  • Snacks and Drinks (non-alcoholic)
  • Towels 

* prices seasonally based, in addition to fuel prices and other variables.

NAT is not responsible for fish catch.
Please note: Guests at  Florian’s Guesthouse  may request our cooking expertise to prepare and serve your fish; requests our meal service in advance for full satisfaction

Book A Fishing Tour 2020

Book A Fishing Tour

Fishing Season in Albania is happening right now!

The fish aren’t just biting, they’re practically jumping into the boat!


North Albania Tours  will customize your Fishing Tour experience to suit your best-ever fishing excursion!  North Albania Tours is an experienced and family-owned tour operator based in Shkodër, Albania.


We partner with several local fishing guides, who’ve guided fishing tours for generations in their family-owned fishing tours. We offer decades of guided fishing tours through their services specifically because they know the secret locals-only fishing spots, where the fish are biting!


We specialize in providing unique and exciting tours and offer accommodation and transportation services to suit every kind of traveler, group size and budget.


Our packages include fishing poles and equipment, 2 boats that can accommodate up to 13 people each, and two-way transportation, to and from your tour. We specialize in Northern Albania Fishing Tours in the Shkroder Region, with unparalleled views, solitude and plenty of fish!


Contact North Albania Tours for further information, current rates, and to book your exclusive customized fishing tour!