Our Guests


An British and Australian guest.

guests 5

Guests from the United States, England, New Zealand and Taiwan.


British guests.

Guesthouse in Shkodër Albania 6

An British visitor.

guests 11

Guests from Norway, France, the Netherlands and England.

Florian Guesthouse photos by Tricia Mitchell09

New friends from the Netherlands.

Florian Guesthouse photos by Tricia Mitchell11

Florian Guesthouse photos by Tricia Mitchell27

Dutch and American guests.

guests 13

German, Lithuanian and Japanese guests.

guests 567

American, Irish, and Canadian guests.

guests 22

Visitors from Hong Kong, Hungary, and Denmark.

guests 54

Belgian and Indian guests.

guests 78

Guests from Jordan, England, Australia, and Switzerland.

guests 88

Brazilian, Dutch and Australian guests.

guests 98

British, Australian, Brazilian, and Dutch guests.

guests 99

Belgian visitors.

guests 123

Guests from Japan.

guests 124

New friends from Canada and Australia.

guests 534

Newlyweds from the United States.

guests 546

Guests from the United States, Australia and Israel.

guests 999

guests 7890

Spanish guests.


Guests from Sweden and Hungary.


Guests from Australian, Sweden and Canada.

Guests from the University of Helsinki, Finland



A new friend from the Netherlands.

Guesthouse in Shkodër Albania 5

A guest from Belgium, along with my nephew, who’s playing the accordion.


Guests from the USA and Germany.


A German guest

guests 2

Swedish and Canadian guests.