Our Food and Homemade Wine

dinner_wineFlorian’s Guesthouse (aka Hostel) opened in 2009 and was the first of its kind in the Shkodër area. Ever since our family offered guests accommodation, memorable experiences have been made; from a place where hospitality, history and natural beauty combine in  perfect harmony.

It is hard to find a better way to connect to our local culture and tradition, than having a dinner party at our guest-house. We are located just outside of the city and surrounded by vineyards and farms. Our guests taste delicious and healthy local food right at the place where it was grown. They sample wines in the shadow of the grapevines and see the place where the grapes are pressed and crafted. They share in the food and drink with our family, among them – a professional Chef and a Wine Master with decades of experience.

Our area is a special place and we’ve been fortunate to have many special people visiting us. Our guests like going places which are authentic and off the beaten path. They share their stories with each other over food and wine and often make connections for their trips in Albania and beyond.

So come and join one of our dinner parties and you will leave all of us as friends! (Please note: Dinner is 5€ each person ~ plus all the wine you can drink 2€ each person (total of 7€):)

For groups of three or more guests (not staying at our guest house) we provide free transportation to and from your place of accommodation in Shkodër to our dinner table!

Rezultate imazhesh për wine in plastic bottles

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