About Us

We are a small, family-owned and operated guesthouse / hostel / homestay that is located among orchards and vineyards in a semi-rural area. For those interested in learning about Albanian culture, we offer the classic homestay experience. We often dine with our guests, socialize regularly in communal areas, and share common facilities.

It’s a 30-minute walk to Shkodër. You are welcome to use our bikes for free, if other guests are not using them. Past guests who have chosen to go to the city on foot have found the walk to be an enjoyable glimpse into the Albanian lifestyle. In Albanian culture, the guest is king or queen. By the time you leave, we hope you will feel like a part of our family.



Florian, the guesthouse manager at the Rozafa Fortress.

Florian Guesthouse photos by Tricia Mitchell30

Florian’s father / guesthouse owner, Zef, returning from the market.

Our guesthouse, inhabited by my family for more than 70 years, is set in a semi-rural Albanian neighborhood. In the mornings and late afternoons, you’ll hear the clip clop of horses’ hooves and our rooster’s call. You can observe our neighbors as they till their gardens with a horse-led plow, and walk to the nearby bunker built by my father during the Hoxha regime.

Across the street from our home is a garden and a vineyard which my family cultivates. My father also produces his own wine which is included with lunch and dinner, if you take the full-board option. Breakfast is included, and for 4 Euros more per person, lunch and dinner are offered. We serve Albanian cuisine, 90% of which is made from fresh food farmed in our own garden and orchard.

Florian Guesthouse photos by Tricia Mitchell24

Florian’s mother / guesthouse owner, Age.

If you’re planning on visiting the Albanian Northern Alps, or maybe extending your journey over to Montenegro, Shkodër is an essential stop along the way. We think you’ll enjoy exploring the area’s sites, and that you’ll enjoy the warm welcome of the Albanian people.

On request, we offer horse-riding tours or we can show visitors the nearby mountains, rivers, lakes, sea, museums, castles and different historical places around the country. We organize buses to the Albanian Alps and to Koman Lake and offer a taxi service with our driving partner, Noshi.



I have more than seven years of experience leading tours in Albania. I can give you many tips about where to go and what to see not only in Shkoder but all over Albania. My cousin, Kristjan is our tour guide partner. Please see our Travel Services page for additional details.


Tour guide, Kristjan.

My sister, Emanuela, is a professional cook. She was taught traditional Albanian and Italian cooking at a local women’s shelter where she works, and her food is second to none. Fresh bread is cooked daily and served with every meal. We also cater to all diets, including vegetarian, vegan and those who are  gluten-intolerant.

We hope you will come and experience our hospitality and feel like family when you leave.


My three sisters. Emmanuela is the guesthouse cook.

My three sisters. Emmanuela (center) is the guesthouse cook.


Guide/cousin Kristjan, and guesthouse owners Zef and Florian.